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We are Real Estate Advisors: we advise our clients to make the best decisions when buying or selling their real estate properties


At Infante & Riu, we are aware that the decision to buy or sell a real estate property can be a difficult decision, especially for clients with less knowledge of how the real estate market works, including legal issues and their specifics. Since we have a deep knowledge of the real estate market in Lisbon and Cascais, as well as its tendencies, we present ourselves to our buying and selling clients as Real Estate Advisors and we are guided by trust, dedication and transparency, so that our customers can be assured that we present them the best solutions available.

Because each customer is unique and has specific needs, we have at your disposal a wide range of services, which we divide into 3 areas:

- services to buying costumers

- services to selling costumers

- complementary services

The Infante & Riu team is waiting for you and is at your disposal to help you with any questions you may have!

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